(Frequently Asked Questions)

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1. How do I apply for Child Support Services?

2. What are the hours of Operation?

3. How do I terminate child support services?

4. Can I schedule a DNA testing appointment?

5. What happens if the parties agree with the child support terms?

6. How do I determine the father of my child(ren)?

7. What if I received State assistance?

8. What if I don't receive State assistance?

9. How do I update personal information on my child support case?

10. How do I check my child support payments?

11. How long does it take to get a court date?

12. If I have an outstanding warrant how do I get it cleared?

13. How do I update my new employer?

14. How do I apply for healthcare in the military?

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15. My child has turned 18 years old and still in high school.

16. If I have custody of my child what do I need to stop the child support?

17. What happens to my child support if I have lost my job?

18. If the other party on the case dies what do I need to do to address the child support?

19. If the other party moves out-of-state what do I need to do to address the child support?

20. I am not receiving my child support payments.